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12 5cheesegrowler1 Rev

Pep’s Drafthaus Original

The 5 Cheese Growler

12” Thick Crust Pizza  |  Loaded 1 lb. 13.2 oz. (29.2 oz., 828g)

Are you ready for what could possibly be the BEST cheese pizza you have ever had?! Five times the flavor requires a perfectly balanced combination of FIVE different types of cheeses. The 5 Cheese Growler starts with over 1/2 pound of real Wisconsin shredded mozzarella cheese before we add fontina, asiago, romano and parmesan cheeses to the mix! Finally, we add our signature FRESH Wisconsin mozzarella cheese slices over it all sprinkled with fresh Italian seasoning delivering a mouthwatering creamy cheese combination with five times the flavor slice after slice. Cheese pizza isn’t just for the kids anymore!

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Proudly Wisconsin Cheese Real dairy sealOver 1/2# of Wisconsin Cheese

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