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12 Dblpepperonidoppelbock1 Rev

Pep’s Drafthaus Original

The Double Pepperoni Doppelbock

12” Thick Crust Pizza | Loaded 1 lb. 13.7 oz. (29.7 oz., 842g)

Calling all pepperoni (and cheese) lovers…this one has your name ALL over it! A double-dose of delicious sliced and diced pepperoni with heavy mozzarella cheese combine in pepperoni heaven! Over 1/2 pound of real Wisconsin shredded mozzarella cheese covers a DOUBLE-LAYER of pepperoni layed from edge to edge. Topped with a generous coating of shredded provolone cheese before adding our signature FRESH Wisconsin mozzarella cheese slices sprinkled with fresh Italian seasoning delivers a perfectly balanced pepperoni-lovers dream! You will never go back to single layer pepperoni pizza’s again!

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Proudly Wisconsin Cheese Real dairy sealOver 1/2# of Wisconsin Cheese

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